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 The Most Popular Chat Rooms

Other than MSN, most of the chat areas listed below are free.  Pogo has an option for paid membership.

General Interest Chat Rooms - Something for everyone!

Plenty of choices for varying age groups and interests

Pogo Pogo ChatRatingPogo ChatRatingPogo ChatRatingPogo ChatRating
***Choose your game, then choose your age group (by decades) tab. Both censored and uncensored chats are offered in most games. Most games are played against Pogo, not other individuals. This may be an excellent alternative for those not willing to subscribe to MSN.
***Registration is required, but if you uncheck options, you can be spamfree!  ClubPogo is also now available, about $30/year, providing adfree games, double jackpots, exclusive rooms, private chat and more! 

MSN MSN ChatRatingMSN ChatRatingMSN ChatRatingMSN ChatRatingMSN ChatRating

***Rooms: Try one of Peer category chats for your age, or one of the many chatrooms set up for various interests.  Most MSN created chat rooms are censored. All the features you want in typed chat.

Excite Chat Excite Chat ratingExcite Chat ratingExcite Chat rating

***Rooms: Go to one of the rooms in your age group offered in the "Peers" section, or check out some of other categories - there are a number of them! Excite created rooms have set maximum capacity. Expect pop-up ads

iVillage chatratingchatratingchatratingchatrating
***The site is aimed at women, although many of their chats are of general interest.

***A relatively popular site, with a number of age and specialty topic chat rooms to choose from.
***Their free membership form automatically subscribes you to ads, etc (which is why I didn't join - I get enough spam as it is!)

Yahoo!Chat chatratingchatratingchatrating
Yahoo Chat offers so many features (including voice chat) that it's almost overkill. Lots of people, lots of features, a great quantity of rooms to choose from.... and never did I feel welcomed or comfortable there.  Try it out, though - maybe you'll like it. Expect pop-up & pop-under ads.

Lycos Chatchatratingchatratingchatratingchatrating
Free membership required, which was no big deal - just uncheck all the promo email options. Not a lot of people there when I visited, but *very* friendly, easy to use, and has most of the basic chat options you need. If you just want chat, and are looking for msn alternatives, check this one out.  Expect pop-up & pop-under ads.


Just for the Younger Kids!
Note:  I haven't updated this section in a while - hopefully all alive & well

Teen Chat Center - Not reviewed.
***A number of room choices for age groups, including one that they say is "A Good chat for those ages 13-15. Heavily Moderated"

Kids's Chat at Kids.com - Not Reviewed
Chat live with kids from all over the globe! The Chat is open from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. (Central time, U.S.) everyday. KidsCom staff members monitor the chat.

Yabber - Sponsored by YTV
***Restricted to kids ages 8-14 in Canada only
***Advanced parental permission required for (free) membership

Chatway - Chat RatingChat Rating
***Chatway offers a chatroom for preteens. They do not require any personal information to join, and the room does not appear to be monitored. For safety, an adult should supervise a child participating in this chat.


Not Just For Moms
ClubMom is a community filled with helpful information - recipes, health advice, driving tips, todo lists, activities for families, parenting advice, and so much more... 


ClubMom is just a terrific FREE group.
Join now!

Chat Rooms Just for Teens
Note:  I haven't updated this section in a while - hopefully all alive & well

Wired Reality Wired Reality Chat RatingWired Reality Chat RatingWired Reality Chat RatingWired Reality Chat Rating
*** links to various teen chat sites within their network
***HUGE chats for the 13-15 and 15-17 year old groups.

Bolt Bolt chat ratingBolt chat ratingBolt chat ratingBolt chat rating
***Audience intended for older teens and college ages.
***The site has a lot more to offer than chat - it's a good site for the targetted audience.

Alloy Alloy chat ratingAlloy chat ratingAlloy chat rating
***Choices for chat format and room selection were reasonable
***Chat was uncensored, but didn't see any terribly offensive talk. 
***Recommended for early-middle teens

Chathouse (same as chatroom.com) ChatHouse chat ratingChatHouse chat ratingChatHouse chat rating
***Nicknames and language are uncensored, so be prepared, BUT the chatters I met seemed very friendly
***Cool format, plenty of chat options.  Rooms are not overpopulated.
***Recommended for middle teens - 20s.

Chat-Center ChatCenter chat ratingChatCenter chat rating
***Just a couple of rooms, but designed JUST for teens (one is ages 13-15 only)
***There were hosts supervising the chat when I was there. Each chat room had between 20 and 35 people
***Pretty small chat screen surrounded on all 4 sides by ads, but might be worth checking out :)

TeenTeen  chat ratingTeen  chat rating
***Couple of rooms, not censored, but most had chatters there.
***Not a bad place for early to middle teens - seemed to be more ladies than gents there.


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