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Common Abbreviations and Acronyms Used in "Chat"

I've gone into a Pogo game/chat room, and often seen this, or something similar, typed on the screen:
     Chatter one: g2g  cul gle1
     Chatter two: hagn tc hb

Here's what they are really saying:

     Chatter one: Got to go. See you later. Good luck, everyone
     Chatter two: Have a good night. Take care. Hurry Back.

Makes perfect sense, right?  I've heard that it all started way back in the days of true bulletin boards, before chat, when the briefer the better in communications. So much of what you'll see you'll just pick up by putting it in context, and/or sounding it out.

Don't worry about memorizing these, just get the general concept. 
Brackets < > are often used to indicate actions or facial expressions. For example: <snicker>  note:  some chat software won't accept brackets, because they are used as html commands as well.  In that case, use *, like *s* for smile

You will see these abbreviations in both small case and capital letters. Feel free to print this, but these abbreviations will come naturally after just a few chat sessions.  There are many more used currently and being introduced all the time, and be careful... you'll start using these abbreviations with non-chatters too) <s>





laughing out loud


big smile


rolling on the floor laughing


very big smile


rolling on the floor, laughing my a.. off



wb or w/b

welcome back


big grin

ty or t/y

thank you


very big grin

yw or y/w

you're welcome


evil grin


by the way,


wicked grin


been there, done that


be right back


in my humble opinion


be back later


gotta go use the facilities


away from the keyboard


for a second


see you (or cu)


ta ta for now


in "real" life

im or pm

instant or private message aka whisper


ok (yup, we're lazy)

a/s or a/s/l

age/sex or age/sex/location question... Asked generally by teens, pre-teens, and newbies <vbg>


a cyber "high five"

More (but less common) abbreviations and acronyms are listed on the Advanced Page

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