Chat 101, The Place To Start! Emoticons

Emoticons are symbols used to express emotions...

The lack of  body language, facial expressions, and tones of voice in "chat", can cause misunderstandings. Emoticons (as well as abbreviations and acronyms) help clarify and express emotions.

Consider this phrase in different tones of voice:  "That was really nice."

    That was really nice :-) <said with a smile>
    That was really nice
    :-( <said with a frown>
    That was really nice
    :- <sticking out your tongue>

Totally different meanings, clarified with an emoticon..

Creative people come up with new emoticons constantly, here are some of the basic ones...


smile  variation: :^)


big smile (and you can make it bigger)   :-))))))






sticking out tongue <hold the "alt" key down & use your number pad to press 0222 to make the tongue>


smile with glasses






French kiss (*How* did that one sneak in here??? ) <vbeg>

a different smile (hold the "alt" key down and use your number pad to press 0252)

{{{{ name}}}}

a cyber hug. You'll see xoxoxox too.

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